Miko Mole achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Pure Pacifist

Finish world 3 level 3 without killing any bats

Drowned Out

Diamond Collector

Assassin's Deed

Kill 10 bats during a single play of world 1 level 24

Super Stealthy

You snuck past the obstacles fast enough to get 3 stars on all levels of world 2

Super Sleuth

These puzzles were no match for your sleuthing skills as you got 3 stars on all levels in world 5

Super Combo Combo

Get over 125000 points on world 2 level 27

Shining Light

Make it through world 2 level 39 without ever turning off your headlamp.

Master Thief

You showed the skill to get 3 stars on all levels in world 1

Hold Your Breath

Collect over 70 diamonds on world 6 level 19

Diamond Hunter

Find 45 diamonds in world 4 level 40

Water Mole

You should be in the Olympics. You just swam your way through to 3 stars on every level of world 6

Rock My World

You blew away the rocks in record time and got 3 stars on every level of world 4

Carried Away

Using your new abilities, you were able to achieve 3 stars on all levels in world 3

Glutton for Punishment

Collect all 19 diamonds on world 5 level 38