ReCore: Definitive Edition achievement guide & roadmap



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Leveled Up a Corebot


Extracted a Core from an enemy

Rapid Removal

Performed an instant extract

End of the Beginning

Completed the Granite Steps

Workbench Apprentice

Crafted a Part


Killed an enemy by Color Matching

Safe Harbor

Found the entrance to Pylon 512

Color Cannon

Upgraded Joule's Energy Rifle


Achieved a Combo of 20


Restored power to Pylon 512

Stronger And Stronger

Used Core Fusion to increase a stat on any Core

Let's Do This, Violet!

Used a Fast Travel station

Core Catcher

Extracted 25 Cores

Core Collector

Extracted 50 Cores

The More The Merrier

Seth joined Joule's Crew

Charged Up

Caused over 10000 Damage in one hit

Affinity Matrix

Found all of the Color Affinity Attachments

Workbench Adept

Crafted 10 Parts

So You're Victor

Completed the Core Foundry

Three's Company

Duncan joined Joule's Crew

That'll Leave a Mark

Smashed something using the AP-3 Frame

Dressed For Success

Outfitted a Corebot with a completed Part Set of any type

Core Connoisseur

Extracted 100 Cores

Sand Scratcher

Dug up 10 items using a K-9 Frame

Sticky Fingers

Performed 20 instant Extractions

Identity Crisis

Put Mack into a non K-9 Frame

Tank Girl

Unlocked the T8-NK Frame

Ready for Takeoff

Made a FL1-R Frame

Toxic Transit

Completed the Warren

Paradise Central

Reached Far Eden Tower

Workbench Artisan

Crafted 25 Parts

And Stay Down!

Defeated Victor at the bottom of the E-Tower

Orb Wrangler

Completed ‘Tumbledown’ dungeon

Dune Demolisher

Dug up 20 items using a K-9 Frame

Master Juggler

Achieved a Combo of 40

Cradle Robber

Found 100 Hardware pickups in The Cradle

Light As A Feather

Glide for 20 continuous seconds using an FL1-R Frame

Journey's End

Completed all Story Missions

Workbench Wonder

Crafted 50 Parts

All The Monies

Collected 50000 E-Turner

Locked And Loaded

Reached level 30 with Joule's Energy Rifle

Light in the Dark

Completed ‘Well of Shadows’ dungeon

All Grown Up

Maxed out a friendly Corebot to level 30

Bargain Basin

Found 125 Hardware pickups in the Lonely Basin after Pylon 512 is repaired

All Fired Up

Completed ‘Brimstone Cut’ dungeon

Well Fed

Maxed out one friendly Core through Core Fusion (up to level 30)

Never Felt Better

Upgraded Joule's health with 27 Health Boosters

Acid Free

Completed ‘The Scalding Cell’ dungeon

Tanks, Buddy!

Commanded each Core companion to do a T8-NK Lethal

For the Revolution!

Found All of Violet's log book entries

Exclusion Zoner

Found 250 Hardware pickups in the Shifting Sands

Black Eye of Obsidian

Defeated the leader of the Obsidian Cult

Prismatic Perfection

Found 80 Prismatic Cores

Love You, Kiddo

Found All of Thomas Adams's log book entries

Air Cover

Completed ‘Blast Canyon’ dungeon

Like a Rocket

Cleared ‘Tumbledown’ dungeon within 180 seconds

Trial Run

Completed ‘Stockpile Surge’ dungeon

Lesser Demon

Completed ‘Devil’s Dance’ dungeon

Big Game Hunter

Completed all Hunting Challenges in one category

Sparring Match

Completed ‘Needle Nest’ dungeon


Completed all dungeons in the Granite Steps, Lonely Basin, The Cradle and the initial Shifting Sands

Core Swapper

Used every Lethal combination (except for T8-NK)

Dust Devil

Found All of Natalie Bright's log book entries

Air Superiority

Cleared all objectives in ‘Blast Canyon’ dungeon

Descent into Madness

Found All of Julius Roldán's log book entries

The Architect

Found 336 Blueprints

Championship Bout

Cleared all objectives in ‘Needle Nest’ dungeon

Course Record

Cleared all objectives in ‘Stockpile Surge’ dungeon

Demon Lord

Cleared all objectives in ‘Devil’s Dance’ dungeon

Starving Sea Surveyor

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Found 300 Hardware Pickups in the Starving Sea

I Kan Lobb

Killed an enemy corebot with a Lobb Shot that spent 3 seconds in flight

Split Focus

Killed 3 enemy corebots in less than 1 second with the Split Shot


Killed 3 enemy corebots in less than 1 second with the Chrome Shot