Kabounce achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Complete all basic training challenges

Level up!

Level up once


Eliminate another player

Most Valuable Pinball

Get the MVP highlight at the end of a quick match


Unlock a legendary customisation item


Complete all advanced training challenges


Eliminate a player Shocked by a teammate

On a roll

Receive 5 match highlights

Sharp Shot

Destroy a player in the air in an online match

Doubling up

Eliminate two opponents in an online match with a single ability use

Collecting Interest

Steal back your points before your eliminator can score them in an online match


Eliminate an opposing player just before they score in an online match


Be involved in a complete elimination of the opposing team in an online match


Win 5 online matches without losing


Complete 10 challenges

Decked out

Open 25 loot balls

Hard to get

Dash to avoid being eliminated


Eliminate 10 players in a single online match

Bumper hopper

Capture 5 unique bumpers without abilities or touching the floor

Jack of all trades

Receive a match highlight in every category

In Control

Control at least 75% of all bumpers at the end of an online match

Blink and I'm Gone

Dodge 5 eliminations by blinking

All Mine

Capture 10,000 bumpers

Better than a dev

Defeat a Dev Score in challenge mode

MVP 20

Receive a total of 20 MVP highlights

25 Wins

Win 25 online matches

From Down Town

Using the Slam, eliminate a player from a long distance in an online match


Capture 15 unique bumpers without touching the floor

Buzzer Beater

Score over 5,000 points in the last 2 seconds of an online match

Singled Out

Receive a total of 50 match highlights

The Triple

Eliminate three opponents in an online match with a single ability use

Dashing Through

Dash through 5 hoops within 4 seconds

Going for Gold

Complete 15 challenges with gold or higher

Wrecking Ball

Eliminate 300 pinballs in your career

Done and Dusted

Complete all challenges

MVP 50

Receive a total of 50 MVP highlights

Spin to Win

Use the Spin move to rotate your ball 100,000 times

75 Wins

Win 75 online matches

Gold Rush

Complete all challenges with gold or higher

Level 25

Reach level 25

Super Ball

Capture 7,500 bumpers with abilities


Defeat 15 Dev Scores in challenge mode


Score at least 20,000 points in a single online match


Without dying surpass a 150 combo, accumulate at least 12.500 points, and score in an online match


Finish a match with 15 different base pinballs


Steal over 5,000 points in an online match with a single ability use

Jumping Through Hoops

Capture 15 hoops within 20 seconds

Level 50

Reach level 50

In the Spotlight

Receive a total of 150 match highlights

150 Wins

Win 150 online matches