Selknam Defense achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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First Approach

Complete the three first levels on campaign mode, obtaining nine stars.

Good Strategy

Switch position between two units.

Honorable Tank

Resist a suicide explosion with your Selknam tank preventing your allies death.

Selknam Authority

Raise a complete class of Selknams to level 3 (archers, bowlers, warriors or mages).

It's about money

Sell a unit that is almost dead.


Reach at least eight buffed selknams at the same time.


Pass one of the level from second world and above, on triple speed.

A new challenge

Unblock the survival mode.

Super poisoner

Kill five enemies using only poison.


Confuse, stun and catch with a network the same enemy.

What happened?

Epic finale

Selknam Mastery

Raise all units to level 3.

It's about time

Beat the 7 minutes and 29 seconds on survival mode.

Big Secret

You found a crude reality.