The Oil Blue achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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A Small Start

Booted up the Oil Blue Achievement App

Trained and Ready

Completed the tutorial

UOO Expandable

Achieved Rank 48

UOO Intern

Achieved Rank 45

UOO Employee

Achieved Rank 42

The First Island

Reclaimed your first island

Employee of the Week

Achieved Rank 40

UOO Manager

Achieved Rank 36

A Second Adventure

Reclaimed a second island

UOO Advisor

Achieved Rank 32

UOO Engineer

Achieved Rank 28


Reclaimed a third island

UOO Captain

Achieved Rank 25

UOO Leader

Achieved Rank 22

Black Gold

Reclaimed a fourth island

UOO Senior Advisor

Achieved Rank 18

UOO District Captain

Achieved Rank 15


Reclaimed a fifth island

UOO Regional CEO

Achieved Rank 12


Achieved Rank 10

UOO Superstar

Achieved Rank 9

UOO Legend

Achieved Rank 8


Reclaimed a sixth island

UOO Oil Tycoon

Achieved Rank 7

UOO Founder

Achieved Rank 5

Keep Going

Reclaimed a seventh island

The Big Blue

Reclaimed an eighth island

There Will Be Blood

Reclaimed a ninth island

In the Black

Reclaimed a tenth island

No Going Back

Reclaimed an eleventh island

The Black Void

Reclaimed a twelfth island