Lemuria: Lost in Space achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Can Be Repaired

Use a fix kit

Firefighting Robot

Extinguish a fire 10 times

Demolition Robot

Defeat 10 enemies

Brutal Intel

Hack a computer using the method of Brute force


Use a coolant 10 times

What a Mess

Use a toxin neutralization agent 10 times

Power Reserve

Use a baterry 10 times


Hack a computer 10 times


Use a magnetic card 10 times

RPG Disciple

Develop one skill to its maximum level

Inner Power

Overcome the power barrier and survive

Yes, Sir!

Finish your tasks on the Bridge


Use an antirad 10 times

Elevator Man

Use an elevator 5 times

Medical Staff

Finish your tasks in the Medical space

Tiny Secrets

Find all PDA devices with information provided by the crew members


Find the devastator


Finish your tasks in the Weapon room

Flying Robot

Use the JetPack

I Know Everything

Finish the game on any level of difficulty

RPG Master

Develop four skills to its maximum levels

N3tw0rk H4ck3r

Win Netwar game 3 times

Out of the Earth

Complete the 22nd level of the robot