Moonlighter achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 67 unknown)

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Good Merchant

Sell 20 items for the perfect price


Have a quantity of gold bigger than 5000

First Investment

Upgrade your shop to the second version

There is no avarice without penalty

Overthrow the king!

Defeat the Golem King


Have a quantity of gold bigger than 50000


Upgrade your shop to the Third version


Have a quantity of gold bigger than 100000

No Secrets

Find a secret room 10 times.

Naive Merchant

Prune the plant!

Defeat Carnivurous Mutae



Upgrade your shop to the fourth version

Going for supplies...

Healthcare System

Behead the snake!

Defeat Naja


Upgrade your shop to the last version


Have a quantity of gold bigger than 1000000

Does it grow on the trees?!?1

Special Place

Wastefull Merchant

Buy more than 10 items on Le Retalier

Rynoka's Major!

Buy all improvements in the Town Board


Unplug the energy!

Defeat Energy Flux

Evil Merchant

Sell 20 items slightly overpriced

Careful Merchant

Complete the game under 40 deaths

Hero or Merchant?

Discover the mistery of the 5th door

Rage against the Golems

Kill Golem Enemies 1000 Times

Horde Mode

Defeat four Waves of enemies in a Wave room


Read All Crazy Pete Notes


Complete the Notebook

Decorative Mind

Buy all decorative Items

Rage against the Forest

Kill Forest Enemies 1000 Times

Gotta go fast!

Beat Game Under 10 hours

Strange Weapon

Get your first Trick Weapon

Golem Apasionate

Arrive to the third floor of the Golem Dungeon 10 times

Forest Apasionate

Arrive to the third floor of the Forest Dungeon 10 times

Rage against the Desert

Kill Desert Enemies 1000 Times

Distant Warrior

Craft All Bows

Balanced Warrior

Craft All Short Swords

Desert Apasionate

Arrive to the third floor of the Desert Dungeon 10 times

Heavy Warrior

Craft All Big Swords

Piercing Warrior

Craft All Spears

Berserk Warrior

Craft All Gloves


Craft all weapons

Second Floor

Slime Protection Service

Fourth Floor

Perfect Golem King

Perfect Golem King

Inter-Dimensional Blacksmith

Perfect Carnivurous Mutae

Perfect Carnivurous Mutae

Improve Yourself

It takes a thief to catch a thief

Earn money from the Banker 5 times.


A Bigger Family

Get all DLC companions

Perfect Energy Flux

Perfect Energy Flux

Rage against the Machinery

Kill Tech Enemies 1000 Times

Greed is Over

Tech Apasionate

Arrive to the third floor of the Tech Dungeon 10 times

Distracted Merchant

Perfect Naja

Perfect Naja

Eight Floor



Kill all bosses with the broom


Kill a total of 10000 enemies


Complete all achievements

Trick Weapon Collector

Get all Trick Weapons from the Dimensional Watcher