3D Mini Golf achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Really fancy but you still can't buy something from that.

First Gold

My Precious! It's a shame, that's not a ring.


Ninjastyle! A ninja never misses his target.


You've got your first medal. It's bronze!


You've made a really nice journey so far.


Someone got on top of the podium.


Alone In The Park

If not here, where else?

Frequent Flyer Miles

And still there's so much more to see!

Sea, Sand And Miniature Golf

Who wants to swim if one could play miniature golf?

Together Against Each Other

Hopefully you were the winner!

It's All Mine!

It won't be devided!

Between BBQ And Tents

Barbecue is outdated. You prefer playing miniature golf here.


You seem to have real fun. And now? Start from scratch!


That can be improved.


Greetings From Thor


Not a single person is able to hold a candle to you.

On The Podium

At least arrived on the podium.

Hit And Sunk

Who needs cannoneers if one has you as captain? You hit everything!

Gold Treasure

Well, that's what I call a nice bunch of gold.


Pearl Diver

Time Is Money

Curtly Off Target


And it made ZOOM!

Common Grave

Prom King

You're the uncontroversial winner of the tourney. Of ALL tourneys!

Sir Rolf

He's like the black knight … Sir Rolf Golf is the greatest!