Marlow Briggs achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Get your first achievement

Leveling Up

Earn upgrade point and spend it

Enviromental Hazard

Kill enemy with enviromental objects (fire, barrel,...)

Return to Sender

Kill enemy with deflected projectile

Stumbling Block

Knock enemy off ledge into their falling death

Immovable Object

Block enemy attack.

Forged In Fire

Defeat the Fire boss

Dead Eye

Destroy 10 enemies using only spirit knives

Danger Above

Kill enemy with air combo.

Gravity Off

Launch enemy and kill it before it falls on ground

Train Ride

Survive train-cart ride

Personal Touch

Execute an enemy

Just One Of Many

Find a collectible

Gotta Love Gore

Perform a 50-hit combo


Solve the water puzzle

Lost Treasure

Gain entry to treasure room.

Squid Sushi

Defeat the Water boss


Solve the temple puzzle


Fly across the chasm

Master Of Arms

Kill enemy with each weapon

Blown Away

Defeat the Air boss

Down Boy

Defeat HellHound

There Can Be Only One

Complete the game on any difficulty


Watch all credits

Mind over Matter

Kill enemy with each magic


Glide for more than 6 seconds


Find all collectibles in one play through

Skip Master

Skip all cutscenes in one play through

The Chosen One

Complete the game on Hardcore difficulty