MEMETYPER achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Be gentle it’s my first time.

Press “Play”


Pass Level 1

10 out of 10

Open 10 memes in encyclopaedia

Doctor of Sciences

Open “Meme encyclopaedia”

Mother of God

Open "How to play"

Opportunities everywhere

Pass level 10

It’s super effective! You are now at level 15!

Pass level 15

He typed 50, 50 memes, Carl

Open 50 memes in encyclopaedia

Absolutely perfect

Pass level 20

Better drink before survival

Open Survival Mode

Chuck approves

Type 10 memes in a row in survival mode

Why I don’t have a girlfriend?

Open 80 memes in encyclopaedia

You made it for twenty

Type 20 memes in a row in survival mode

30 already?

Type 30 memes in a row in survival mode

WD-40 Fixes everything

Type 40 memes in a row in survival mode

You sick bastard

Type 50 memes in a row in survival mode

You’re still here?

Open 500 memes in encyclopedia

You have reached the final page of the Internet!

Open 900 memes in encyclopedia

It’s over 9000