Galactic Civilizations III achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 102 unknown)

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Our New Home

Colonize your first planet


Win a Battle


Meet your first Race in Galactic Civilizations III

New Recruit

Play for 5 hours across all games


Collect 15 Anomalies in a game

Danger Zone

Survey an anomaly in a dust cloud or nebula

Boldly Go

Use a Worm Hole

Flying in Style

Create your first ship design

All Your Base

Destroy an Enemy Faction

Ships to Scrap

Destroy more than 15 enemy ships in a battle

For Arcea

Start the campaign


Train your first Citizen.

Worlds to Rule

Own 30 planets


Change your tax slider for one turn

Friends, for now...

Ally with first other major faction

King Maker

Unleash a custom Civilization on the Galaxy.

Precursor Legacy

Control all Relics on the map

Space Emperor

Play for 100 hours across all games

Human Resources

Promote your first Specialist.

Merchant Empire

Have 12 or more Trade Routes

Crush the Resistance

Conquer a planet defended by enemy Legions.

I Assume You Were Talking Back

Declare war before you have Universal Translator

Together We Stand

Form a government

They Want To Be Us

Win by Cultural Influence

Built From Nothing

Win as a Custom Faction

From Earth to Distant Stars

Win as the Terran

Backup Plan

Complete the Crusade Tutorial.

They Really Love You

Win an Election


Be at war with 5 different factions at the same time


Win by Conquest

Regime Change

Change your government type

Pirate Scum!

Destroy more than 7 Pirate bases

There is a crusade coming

Win the campaign

No More Secrets

Technology Victory

We Care For The Least of Us

Unlock all the Benevolent ideology traits

A Universe Without Enemies

Win by Diplomacy

Under Pressure

Win a game in under 200 turns

Results Outweigh Ideals

Unlock all the Pragmatic ideology traits

Means To An End

Unlock all the Malevolent ideology traits

Feeling Powerful, eh?

Use an Artifact Power

Trial by Fire

Successfully complete a Crisis

They Really REALLY Love You

Win an Election with a landslide majority

Hyper Hyper Hyper

Build a hypergate

Crisis: Space Monster

Complete "Space Monster" Crisis

Tax the wealthy (and everyone else)

Raise your taxes to 100% for one turn

Crisis: Brain Parasites

Complete "Brain Parasites" Crisis

Hyperdiculous Speed

Build a hyperlane

Spy Master

Place a spy on a foreign colony.

Two-Bit Buyer

Buy at least one resource on the marketplace

Crisis: The Revolution

Complete "The Revolution" Crisis

Enlightenment Attained

Win as the Altarian

Cool Head(s)

Assign a Crisis manager

Beyond This Universe

Ascension victory

Crisis: Brain Trust

Complete "Brain Trust" Crisis

Small-Time Seller

Sell at least one resource on the marketplace

Trickle-Down Economics

Lower your taxes to 0% for one turn

They Grow Up So Fast

Create a commonwealth

Crisis: Apophis

Complete "Apophis" Crisis

Planetary Patron

Buy at least 10 resources at once

Trying to Prove Something

Win on an Insane sized map

World Without Flesh

Win as the Yor


Recapture your homeworld

Crisis: Secession

Complete "Secession" Crisis

Stellar Seller

Sell at least 10 resources at once

Crisis: The Simulation

Complete "The Simulation" Crisis

From the Shadows

Win as the Iconian

Drengin Supremacy

Win as the Drengin

Fulfilling the Prophecy

Complete the Altarian Prophecy Campaign

Master Merchant

Buy at least 30 resources at once

Astral Agent

Sell at least 30 resources at once

There Is Only The Way

Win as the Krynn

Another Dimension Ruled

Win as the Thalan

Whatever happened to those Xendar?

Complete the Rise of the Terrans campaign

Market Leader

Win as the Iridium


As the Iconians, take back Iconia (Yor's starting homeworld) from the Yor

Crisis: Rogue General

Complete "Rogue General" Crisis


Use Core Detonation invasion 10 times in one game

Crusher of Souls

Win in Multiplayer

Honorary Stardockian

Play for 1000 Hours


Destroy the Iconian faction, as the Yor

A Little Help From My Frenemies

Complete the Mercenaries campaign

The Return of the True Face of Fear

Complete the Snathi Campaign

Out of the Deep and to the Stars

Win as Torians

Power Hungry

Use 20 Artifact Powers in a single game

Join the Resistance

Win Game playing the Terran Resistance.

Vigilant Victory

Win as Arceans

Revenge is Ours

Win as Snathi

Rock Eater

Win Game playing the Onyx Hive.

Gloriously Gelatinous

Win Game playing the Slyne.

Sticks and Stones

Win the Retribution campaign

You're a Bad Person

Use the spore weapon

Shadow Masters

Win as Korath

No Limits

Build 20 hyperlanes in a single game

Overminds meet your Overlords

Win as Free Trandals

So Sweaty to Beat You

Win as the Tywom

Space Dragons!

Win as Drath


Win as the Mu'Kay

Thanks be to Jeff

Win as Mowlings

Glorious Paperwork

Win as Measured

Imperial March

Win as Scryve

One more dimension conquered ...

Win as Xraki

Served for dinner

Win as Phamysht