Sunrider Academy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Rank in the 99th percentile on an exam

Hentai Siscon

Successfully flirt with Maray

Everyone's Kayto

Have 10 hearts with every girl


Purchase every single item at the store and shrine


Save up a collection of 500 credits

Club Recruiter

Have a total of 200 members between all your clubs.

Noticed By Pres

Complete Ava's route

Living on the Edge

Go 20 days with your stress over 50

Wedding (Not) Crashed

Complete Asaga's route

Indecent Shrine Maiden

Complete Sola's route

Horny Pastry Puffer

Complete Chigara's route

Club Trainer

Have a total of 1000 readiness between all your clubs

Full Completion

Complete all four routes

Landslide Victory

Win the election with all 560 votes in your favor


Exercise at the gym 200 times in a single game

Walk the Dog

Visit the park 400 times in a single game


Visit the science museum 400 times in a single game


Visit the shrine 400 times in a single game


Visit the arcade 400 times in a single game


Complete the game beginning to finish on space whale difficulty