Battle Brothers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 89 unknown)

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Bloody Toll

Lose your first mercenary in battle

Scars For Life

Have a brother receive a permanent injury

Blood Money

Complete a contract for a settlement

Trial By Fire

Defeat Hoggart at any difficulty level

Making Friends

Get to friendly relations with a settlement


Kill a Direwolf in melee

A Full Company

Have a company roster of 12 brothers

To Fight Another Day

Flee from combat

Patched Up

Have a temporary injury treated at the temple

Time To Rebuild

Lose half or more of your company in one battle

Broken Promises

Fail a contract

Field Hospital

Have 5 or more brothers with a temporary injury at the same time

Making A Name

Reach 1,000 renown

Man In Black

Kill a Necromancer

Back In Business

Have a total of 5,000 crowns

Taste Your Own Medicine

Kill a Bandit Marksman with a ranged weapon

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Kill an enemy with a wardog

Meddling With Nobles

Complete a contract for a noble house

Early Retirement

Retire and have your company break apart

Welcome Back

Have a brother come back as undead

Lessons Learned

Lose a game

Hip Shooter

Kill 2 enemies in one turn with a ranged weapon


Sell 10 trading good stacks

Overcoming Fear

Kill a Geist

Outnumbered, Never Outclassed

Kill 24 or more enemies in one battle

Never Trust A Mercenary

Betray your employer

Bling Bling

Acquire a named item

Restless Dead

Kill a Fallen Hero

Back To The Grave

Kill a Necrosavant

I Made This!

Craft an item


Reach day 10 on veteran difficulty or higher

First Aid

Bandage a wound in combat

Sleep Tight

Kill an Alp


Have a brother desert you

Old And Wise

Get a brother to level 11

Not So Noble

Defeat a Noble House's unit

Bag a Hag

Kill a Hexe


Get a brother to 90 melee skill


Kill 3 enemies with one AoE attack

Man Of Renown

Reach 3,000 renown

Master Trader

Sell 50 trading good stacks

Hard To Kill

Have a brother with 3 permanent injuries

Walking Statue

Kill an Ancient Honor Guard


Get a brother to 90 ranged skill

Power In Numbers

Have a company roster of 20 brothers

King Of The Hill

Defeat another mercenary company

A Knight's Tale

Kill a Knight

A Bitter End

Retire and have your company go down fighting

Scrambled Eggs

Destroy Webknecht Eggs

Nothing Personal

Kill one of your own men while mind-controlled by a Hexe


Have a total of 50,000 crowns


End the noble feud at any difficulty level

Tricked Out

Acquire 5 named items


Kill an Orc Warlord in melee

Chopping Wood

Kill a Schrat

A Colorful Band

Dye a shield in company colors

Greenskin Slayer

Defeat the Greenskin Invasion at any difficulty level

Bane Of The Undead

Defeat the Undead Scourge at any difficulty level


Kill a Goblin Shaman


Reach day 100 on veteran difficulty or higher

Leaving A Mark

Retire and have your company persist

King Of The North

Defeat a Barbarian King

Making Allies

Get to allied relations with a noble house


Kill an Ancient Priest

Give Me That!

Defeat an enemy champion


Kill a Goblin Overseer with a ranged weapon

There Can Be Only One

Kill a Swordmaster in melee

Power Of Music

Knock out an enemy with a lute

Give Me Back My Legions!

Lose a game to barbarians

Too Stubborn To Die

Have the Lone Wolf become level 11

Dragon's Hoard

Have a total of 250,000 crowns


Kill a Master Archer with a ranged weapon

Man Of Iron

Defeat a late game crisis on Ironman mode

Friend Or Foe

Have an Armored Unhold turn wild

Never Give Up

Lose 10 campaigns on Ironman mode

Tough Farewell

Lose a level 11 or higher brother on Ironman mode

Famed Explorer

Find 10 legendary locations

Stuff Of Legends

Reach 8,000 renown

Putting Down A God

Defeat the Ijirok

How To Berserk

Kill an Orc Berserker in melee while high on mushrooms

Leaving A Legacy

Retire from your legendary company

Rest In Pieces

Destroy the Black Monolith and claim its treasures


Reach day 365 on veteran difficulty or higher


Defeat all three late game crises on Ironman mode

Reproach Of The Old Gods

Reassemble the legendary sword

Beast of Beasts

Kill a Kraken

Human Wave

Have a full roster of 25 men when playing as peasant militia

Voice of Davkul

Have a Prophet while playing as a cult of Davkul

Memory Loss

Use a Potion of Oblivion