I Get This Call Every Day achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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I get a little nauseous every time I hit that little green button.

Basic Confidentiality

Managed to get through the first set of questions...

Enhanced Confidentiality

... but not the second set. Figures.

Please Calm Down

Another angry customer, another escalation... no wonder my boss was fed up.

Follow The Rules

This was the consequence for breaking confidentiality. I knew it, and I did it anyway.

A Number of Years

Speed Run

Holy crap, that was fast.


The Last Word

I put up with a lot from this kid, but calling me out once he though he'd hung up? I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist.

All Day

It's an eight-hour schedule, minus a half-hour for lunch. It isn't exact, and sometimes you might find yourself working a few minutes longer than you should.

Every Day

I'm scheduled for five days in a row. At least I get my weekends off.

The Quantum Code

"We know that it is true because pieces of the code have resurfaced from people who used it before. Capcom once had part of the code; they created Onimusha with it! And then after that, they lost the code; and then they created Onimusha 2. But then they found it again, and created Onimusha 3! And now they've lost it forever; and then they created Onimusha 4. I have that piece of code: 'A T M'. But that is not all! Hideo Kojima again found another piece of the puzzle: '='. And with that amazing equals sign, he was able to create his most famous work: Zone of the Enders 2! Wait, that is not all! David Perry came into possession of a simple fragment of the code: 'R E V'. He then released Messiah and Sacrifice for the PC! Some of the most amazing programmers in the world have only had a fragment of the code. What would one become if they possessed the code itself?"

Change His Address

It was tough, but he finally managed to successfully answer the security questions and I was able to change his address.