Avenging Angel achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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True Associate

Leave Outpost and enter Statue Forest

Android Whisperer

Complete Rust in Pieces quest

Metaphysical Monthly


Kill all Brutes on topside of the Island

I Just Work Here

Complete Daedalus’ quest

Hell hath no fury like an AI scorned

Nosy Little Sleuth

Find and read 5 Antero Journals

Shopping Spree!

Use Vendortron

Tinkering is my middle name

Craft any weapon at any workbench

Breaking Bad

Craft an alchemical potion at any workbench


Complete the main story line

Stranger Things and Beings

Complete the Pain & Despair sidequest


Find all weapons



Find all weapon mods


Find all journals

A true friend indeed

Giant Slayer

Defeat one BFG


Complete the Words as Power sidequest

Budding Engineer

Find all blueprints

A way to treat a lady?


Collect all Guild Dog Tags

Electric Eel