Halo 5: Forge achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Squad Goals

Be in a Fireteam of 4 or more.


Complete a Custom Game with 7 other players on a user created map.

Hats Off

Get 7 headshot kills in a single Custom Game.


Save your first Forge map.


Complete a Custom Game with at least a 10 KDA.

Friendly Forging

Start a Forge session with another player.

Climate Control

Change the Skybox within a Forge Map.

What's Yours is Mine

Bookmark another player's map.

Monitor Bootcamp

Complete the Forge Tutorial.

Test Run

Play a Custom Game by yourself on a map you created.

Fresh Paint

Modify the COLOR, MATTE/METALLIC, or MATERIALS properties of an object.

Rush Hour

Create a map in Forge Mode with 5 or more vehicles.

Nice Work Dawg!

Win 25 Custom Games.

Palette of Beauty

Change the Reference Color of any category in Forge Mode.

Home Court Advantage

Win a 1v1 Custom Game on a map you authored.


Complete a 4+ player Custom Game on a map you created.


Create a Forge Map containing an object scripted to move.

Halo Trinity

Create a map containing a Halo 2 BR, Halo 1 Magnum, and SPNKR Rocket Launcher.

Movie Magic

Create a Camera and Animation Location on a Forge Map.


Attach a screenshot to your Forge Map.

Running Riot

Complete 117 Custom Games on player created maps.

Setting the Stage

Create 50 Forge Maps with 50 or more Props each.