200% Mixed Juice! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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The First Friend

A Flying Friend


Owner of 10 different characters.

Made of Steel

Didn't go down that easily.

Comedy Trio


New Winds

Mix Us

Created something new.

Santa of Miracles

Fully Grown

Level upon level.

Chain Fusion

The product of a wild imagination.

Feather's Flight


Won a lot of battles.

The Phantom Card

The rarest of rare.


How can I hold all these cards?


Owner of 50 different characters.

Shield Counter!

Hard countered!

Who Threw the First Poppo?

The weight of Poppo.


A shocking reversal!


Together you are stronger!

Mark of the Strongest

Party of One

There's enough of you to go around.

200% Mixed Juice!

Completely mixed!