Deserter Simulator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Mileage 100m

More than 100m mileage in one play

First jump

First jump

50m jump

Jump exceeds 50m

Street lamp brought down

Street lamp brought down

Entry rider

Total mileage exceeds 1000m

Mileage 300m

More than 300m mileage in one play

Fire hydrant attacked

Fire hydrant exploded

Drum explosion

Blown away by drums

Beginner rider

Total mileage exceeds 3000m

Truck run over

Run over by car

First drift

First drift

Intermediate rider

Total mileage exceeds 5000m

Mileage 500m

More than 500m mileage in one play

You like wooden boxes

10 wooden boxes blown away

Advanced rider

Total mileage exceeds 10000m

Gas tank explosion

Blown away by gas tank

You like jumps

Jump 100 times

Mileage 1000m

More than 1000m mileage in one play

You like drifts

Drift 100 times

Back jump

Backward jump

Street lamp broken

Street lamp broken

You love wooden boxes

100 wooden boxes blown away

100m jump

Jump exceeds 100m

You love jumps

Jump 1000 times

Drift master

Drift 1000 times

Huge drum explosion

Blown away 100m by drums

Two-stage jump

Jump onto a jump ramp

Query-chan found

Query-chan found

Huge gas tank explosion

Blown away 100m by gas tank

Truck boarded

Ride on the car