Chainsaw Warrior achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Beat the game on Easy setting

Zombie Zapper

Kill 200 Zombies in combat


Beat the game on Medium setting


Beat the game on Hard setting


Take 200 points of physical damage

Trap Trickster

Use items to bypass 50 traps

Rat Remover

Kill 50 Rats in combat

Slime Slapper

Kill 10 Slimes in combat

Chaos Crusher

Kill 100 Agents in combat


Take 250 points of radiation damage

Mutant Masher

Kill 50 Mutants in combat


Take 100 points of venom damage

Monster Massacre

Kill 1000 monsters in combat

Meat Murderer

Kill the Meat Machine 25 times in combat

Death and Glory

Discover all 9 Outcomes

Darkness Destroyer

Kill Darkness 25 times on any difficulty


Punch Darkness... Right in the face

The New York Chainsaw Massacre

Kill 2000 enemies in combat

Chain of Skulls

Kill one of every enemy type in a single game

Don't bring a Chainsaw to a Knife fight

Have your Chainsaw destroyed while having the Knife still in your inventory

Just in Slime

Find a way to use Time Grenades on the Slime in the second deck to send it back in time

Seems Ironic

Kill the Suicide Cultist with the Implosion Vest

Throne of skulls

Kill one of every enemy type in a single game on Classic difficulty