Metal Waltz achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 84 unknown)

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The easiest

The first victory in the |Story| mode

That`s much better!

The first equipment installation

Gorgeous debut

The launch "Panzer waltz

Becoming stronger?

First time upgrading Metall-maiden

Squad formed

4 members in the squad


The achievement of the 1st level "Excavator"

First steps in science

The first advance in science and technology


Clear "Story" mode`s volume 1 chapter 4

Size is also very important!

The first installation of gun

Accumulation of silver

The achievement of the 1st level "Склад серебра"

First salary!

Collect 30000 silver coins that better?

Commander reached up to 10th level

Not the limit

5 members in the squad

Not bad!

The first victory in the |Clash| mode

Mystical humanoid

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 2 chapter 4

The opening of the naval port

The achievement of the 1st level "Naval port"

Demonic instructor Sofia

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 3 chapter 2

Not bad for a newbie

Headquarters has achieved a 5-level


First enhance

Am I the new Lord?

3 wins in "Clash"

The initial modernization of equipment

The first modernization of equipment

A great winning streak

5 wins in "Clash"

A thousand journey takes every step

To collect 100000 silver coins


The first transport

Hunter and Fox

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 4 chapter 4

What a horrible thought, stop it!

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 5 chapter 4

The tournament between the academies

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 6 chapter 2

In the future you will become a General!

The first upgrading maiden up to two stars

The squad is ready

6 members in the squad

Never give up!

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 7 chapter 4

More! I need more silver!

To collect 500000 silver coins

Temporary way

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 8 chapter 4

10 wins

10 wins in "Clash"

50! Collector!

Collect 50 maidens

The improvement of staff increases opportunities

Headquarters has achieved a 10-level

The occupation of the Institute

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 9 chapter 4


Clear "Story" mode`s volume 10 chapter 3

I'm rich!

To collect 1000000 silver coins

The quick victory

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 11 chapter 4

The production of new mechanisms

The achievement of the 1st level "BWMG Depot"

Join the BWMG

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 12 chapter 3

Charming hero

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 13 chapter 3

The reward of 100 million? You can quickly get rich!

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 14 chapter 4

100! Expert collector

Collect 100 maidens

This is the beginning of a very long journey

Headquarters has achieved a 15-level


Clear "Story" mode`s volume 15 chapter 4

Another victory! You are superb!

20 wins in "Clash"

Achieving 3 stars

The first improvement of Metall-maiden up to 3 stars

Together with the traveler?!

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 16 chapter 4


Clear "Story" mode`s volume 17 chapter 3

A strange cooperation

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 18 chapter 4

Your silver is mine!

30 wins in "Clash"

Faith in the heat shells

Heat shells reached 10th level

150! The eminent collector

Collect 150 maidens

The secret service

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 19 chapter 4

Rich man

To collect 5000000 silver coins


Clear "Story" mode`s volume 20 chapter 2

The Headquarters is above all

Headquarters has achieved a 20-level

Became more power?

40 wins in "Clash"

Uninvited guest

Clear "Story" mode`s volume 21 chapter 1

Faith in the rockets

Rocket-Propelled reached the 10th level

To plunging into the world of fantasy

Click to view the squad

Invincible General

50 wins in "Clash"

Sweet army life

First awarding

Sequence number 2997

To use this recipe 999x3 in the "Depot BWMG"


60 wins in "Clash"

"Citrus" squad

Assemble a squad(T-34M,T-43,СТ T-28)

I'm your fan

You get "Chaffee Mic" emblem

200! The genius!

Collect 200 maidens

"Frost" squad

Assemble a squad (ASU-85,М40,T-60/BM-8-24)

Arrow of fate

Assemble a squad (ПТ-САУ Archer,САУ Birch Gun,StuG III Ausf. F)

Black lightning

Assemble a squad (Tiger mod. E,Panther mod. A,Panther mod. G)

Star of tomorrow

Assemble a squad (T-44-100,M24,T-60)

"Moscow" border group

Assemble a squad(KV-1B,KV-2,KV-5,KV-85)

White parrot

B.Châtillon 25t reached level 90

Special high-heeled shoes

Sd.Kfz.234/1 reached level 90

"Watchman" squad

Assemble a squad (PzKpfw III mod. L,ISU-122,SPIC)


Assemble a squad (Churchill Mk-IV,Churchill Mk-VII,Churchill Mk-VIII)

"Unwavering" squad

Assemble a squad(T95,M36 Jackson,T17E1 Staghound "Mk-I")

Famous brand high-heeled shoes

Sd.Kfz.234/3 reached level 90


Assemble a squad ( B.Châtillon 25t,БТР-50ПА,SdKfz251-9)

Death comet

Assemble a squad (A34 Comet,T-46,Grant Mk-VII)

"Rangers" squad

Assemble a squad (M103A2,M6A1,SPG M37)

Instructors of 3 academies

Assemble a squad (IS-2М,Churchill AVRE,M26 Pershing)