Brushwood Buddies achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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What a cute rabbit!


...that escalated quickly.


Find and destroy Woodie's most hated item in his presence. Tip: Burying it doesn't work.


Find and destroy the Machicken's most hated item in his presence. Tip: That will keep them out of mischief.


Find and destroy the Witch's most hated item in her presence. Tip: Capitalism?

The Modder

Load and play a user-made scenario. Check for more information.

Wishing Well

It doesn't work for a reason.

Lady Turnip

Find and destroy the Turnip Lady's most hated item in her presence. Tip: Probably infectious.


Find and destroy Gravedigger's most hated item in his presence. Tip: Vacuum cleaners aren't available.

The Vagabond

Solve all the boards of the campaign.

The Explorer

Unlock every item shown in the recipe book.

Thriller Night

You know it's thriller, thriller night! Have a zombie and a werewolf on the same board... but how is that possible?

The Challenger

Earn a gold medal in every challenge scenario.