Forza Motorsport 6 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 95 unknown)

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Welcome to Forza Motorsport

Complete the first race

Home Field

Use a Track Specialist Crew Mod on the corresponding Track

Setting Pace

Lead for a total of 50 Miles

Chase Car

Lead for 100 Miles

Takin' a Spin

Test Drive a car

Collecting the Checks

Earn 50,000 Credits from Drivatars

Community Welcome

Visit Forza HUB from FM6

Meeting Objectives

Complete 30 Race Objectives

Spin to Win

Do 25 prize spins


Finish first with all Mod Types equipped

Speaking Up

Vote for a track in Multiplayer


Complete 60 Race Objectives

Record Breaker

Go Faster than 250 mph in any car

Mod Buff

Collect 50 unique Mods

Cover Car

Own the Cover Car [Ford GT]


Equip a Bronze Level Badge

Smooth Silver

Equip a Silver level Badge

Championship Legend

Complete All Series

Gaining Experience

Complete 100 Laps in Multiplayer

Digging Gold

Equip a Gold level Badge

Posting a Selfie

Share a Photo

Volumes Closed

Complete All Volumes

Just Getting Started

Complete the final race of final series in the final Volume

Traffic Jam

Complete 5 rolling start races

Down Under

Complete a race in the 2015 Ford #17 XBox Racing Ford Falcon FG X on Bathurst

Dodging and Weaving

Finish First in the Ferrari LaFerrari Passing Challenge Showcase Event


Finish First in the Ariel Atom Stig 1-1 Showcase Events


Earn 100% credit bonus from Mods in a single race

Giving it a Go

Enter your first League Event

I Got This

Finish First in the Formula Ford Factory Spec Showcase Event

One Down

Win a Race in a 2017 Ford GT in Free Play with 24 cars

Working Artist

Share a Paint

Going Platinum

Equip a Platinum level Badge

Welcome To Porsche

Finish the Porsche Anthology Initial Experience Race

Devoted Racer

Complete 300 Laps in Multiplayer

Welcome To NASCAR

Finish your first NASCAR race

Racking up the Mileage

Drive for 1000 miles in Multiplayer

Turning Left

Complete a race in the 2015 Chevrolet #9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing IndyCar on Indianapolis

Stop and Go

Complete 5 QuickStop races

Best of Spa

Complete a race in the 2015 Lotus E23 on Spa in the Rain

Greatest Moments

Share a Replay

Working Tuner

Share a Tune

Street Legal

Win a Race in a 2014 BAC Mono in Free Play with 24 cars

Homestead 305

Complete a lap of Homestead in under 30.5 seconds

Hendrick Motorsports Driver

Drive 50 miles in Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR models

Origin Story

Finish "The Origin" Era

Up to the Challenge

Finish first in a 24 car race using the Suggested Line Off, Cockpit Camera only Dare Mod.

Hometown Hero

Finish the NASCAR Icons Tour Expedition

Creating An Identity

Finish "Building Innovation" Series


Complete 50 laps at Night in Multiplayer

You Shouldn't

Finish first in a 24 car race using the Manual Transmission Dare Mod

Joining the Ranks

Finish first in a League Race

I Dare You

Finish first in a 24 car race using the Back of the Pack Dare Mod


Complete 1 Porsche Showcase

Built For Speed

Finish "Racing Dominance" Series

Better and Better

Finish "The Evolution" Era

First Time

Win a Race in a 1966 Mclaren M2B in Free Play with 24 cars

Team Penske Driver

Drive 50 miles in Team Penske NASCAR models

Latest And Greatest

Finish "Growing Excellence" Series

Forza Triple Crown

Complete the One Down, First Time, and Street Legal Achievements

Joe Gibbs Racing Driver

Drive 50 miles in Joe Gibbs Racing NASCAR models

Rain Dancer

Complete 50 laps in the Rain in Multiplayer

Stewart-Haas Racing Driver

Drive 50 miles in Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR models

The Benchmark

Finish "Supercar Synthesis" Series

Middle Child

Race a mid-engine Porsche in Multiplayer or Free Play 10 times

In The Groove

Complete 1 NASCAR Showcase Event

Driving Technology

Finish "Motorsport Next" Series

Pursuit Of Perfection

Finish "The Future" Era

Around the World

Finish the Passport to the World Expedition

World Traveler

Complete a Race on Every Location (Environment) in Multiplayer

Dirty Air

Get 100 Perfect Draft Scores

Real Deal

Win a race with No Assists turned on in Multiplayer

Shake and Bake

Race in a NASCAR multiplayer hopper

Show Off

Equip a Porsche Badge

Chip Ganassi Racing Driver

Drive 50 miles in Chip Ganassi Racing NASCAR models

Party At The Country Club

Play VIR in Multiplayer

Roadtrip USA

Finish the One Lap of America Expedition

Mastering Mulsanne

Finish The Road to Le Mans Expedition

Cashing In

Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Design


Beat 10 Rivals while running no Assists

NASCAR World Champion

Complete the full NASCAR World Tour

Rattle The Cage

Fully explore the Porsche 919 in Forzavista

Geared Up

Equip a Platinum NASCAR badge

Car Culture

Complete a Race with every car from Ferrari

Making a Name

Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Tune

Titan of Motorsport

Complete all Porsche Showcases


Complete All Showcase Events

Business In Front, Party Out Back

Race a front-engine Porsche in Multiplayer or Free Play 10 times


Race the Cayennne or Macan in Multiplayer or Free Play 10 times

The Big One

Race in a NASCAR multiplayer league

Forest Fire

Set a lap time under 1:30 at VIR Full

Racing Through The Woods

Complete 40 laps on VIR in Multiplayer

Dropping the Hammer

Complete all 10 NASCAR Showcase events

One for the History Books

Complete all Car Divisions, all Series, and all Showcases

Thru the Pack

Start last and finish first in a Multiplayer Race with 24 cars