Destiny 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Long and Winding Road

Reach level 20.

The People's Hero

Complete a Heroic public event.

Cayde's Pathfinder

Acquire each Hunter subclass.

Ikora's Protégé

Acquire each Warlock subclass.

Heart of Darkness

Complete a Nightfall strike.

Zavala's Lieutenant

Acquire each Titan subclass.

Show Me What You Got

Complete Shaxx's Call to Arms.

In A Flash

Complete a Flashpoint.

The Life Exotic

Collect 15 exotic weapons or armor.

Lest Ye Be Judged

Encounter an Emissary from beyond.

Challenge Accepted

Complete 30 challenges.

Heart of the Awoken

Enter the Dreaming City.

High-Stakes Play

Win a Gambit match.

Legends Grow

Earn 5,000 Triumph points.

Nothing Left to Say

Pursue Uldren and the Fanatic to the Watchtower, and finish what you started.

An Exotic Journey

Complete an Exotic Quest.

Belly Of The Beast

Complete the Leviathan raid.

Darkness Falls

Defeat a Forsaken Nightfall Boss.


Collect 10 Forsaken Exotic weapons or armor.

Fashion Statement

Complete a Collections Badge.

Wishing for the Best

Complete the "Last Wish" Raid.

The Prestige

Complete the Leviathan raid or a Nightfall strike on Prestige difficulty.

Seal the Deal

Complete a Triumph Seal.