Strider achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Master of Unlocking

Charge the first Novo

Red Dragon Awaits

Defeat the Armored Dragon

A Cold Wind Blows

Another Soulless Copy

I Got You!

Defeat Solo

I'm Rubber, You're Glue

Defeat 10 enemies using Reflect

Run Crying Back To Your Masters

Spice Must Flow

That's No Moon

Destroy Gravitron

Death of the Iron Ruler

Defeat General Mikiel


Defeat 20 consecutive enemies, without being hit

You Must Defeat Sheng Long

Defeat Xi Wang Mu

Dragon Slayer

All Fall Down

Destroy Gravitron 2

Shock the Monkey

Defeat Mechapon

Don't Drink the Water

Defeat Juroung

The Circle Is Now Complete

Equal in the Face of Death

Defeat Grandmaster Meio

Now I am the Master

Eye of the Tiger

Defeat 20 enemies using Panther

Meet Cypher's Edge

Max out the Hit Meter 25 times

Class-A Ninja

Complete game on Normal difficulty

Health Nut

Collect all Health Upgrades

You've Got The Power

Collect all Energy Upgrades

Didn't Miss a Beat

Complete the Balrog without falling

Cuts Like a Knife

Collect all Kunai upgrades

Remember The Fallen

Collect all Fallen Striders

Collector of Collecting

Collect all Large Canisters

Special Class-A

Complete game on Hard difficulty

Speed Demon

Complete the game in under 4 hours