Gunman Taco Truck achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Catfish Killer

Can you destroy 50 of these gross Catfish?

Typical Taco Truck

Your first step on the taco ladder is to work your way up to the Typical Taco Truck!

Chainsaw Dynamite Gang Bustdown

There are reports of a menacing group on the highway called the Chainsaw Dynamite Gang. Can you find them and remove their piece from the board of life?

Speeter 'Splosions

Give 50 of those purple menaces a good smacking!

Fifty Frogle Fight!

Can you fight fifty Frogles to the death?

Scavenger Scrubbing

Can you scrub the wasteland of 50 of those annoying Scavengers?

Western Taco Truck

Do you even moo, bro? This wild west-inspired Taco Truck will mooove you down the highway!

Weird Arm Wipeout

Please destroy 50 of those Weird Arm monsters out there.

Menacer Mangler

Can you completely demolish 50 Menacers?

Rip 'Em a New One

Can you destroy 50 Rad Ripper zombies?

Civil Taco Truck

Can you earn the scrap to buy the Civil Taco Truck?

Ant Boss Extermination

The Ant Boss is a total menace out here. Can you bring the house down on him?

Helltain Teardown

We need you to savage 50 Helltain to get this achievement. Can you do it?

Clobber 50 Cretins

Can you clobber down 50 Cretins?

Gourmet Taco Truck

Can you scrape together the scraps needed to cruise around in this ride?

Condork Killa

Can you shoot 50 Condorks out of the sky?

Rainbow Taco Truck

Can it be true? A truck made of pure rainbows? Does this truck come with a unicorn?

Spidermama Takedown

Can you rid the wasteland of 50 Spider Mamas? They're gross!

Messing with Modcats

Can you hard-trash 50 of those magic kitties?

Devil Chicken Plowing

Armored Taco Truck

Can you earn the scrap to buy the Armored Taco Truck?

Redeye Ripathon

Can you make 50 Redeye Batter idiots extinct?

Ant Spawn Blaster

Can you wipe out 50 of these little bitty Ant Spawn?

Midas Mobile

Devil Son Spanking

Hella Hellshockers

Can you send 50 Hellshockers back where they came from?

Boom the Bears

Can you explode 50 of these sickening Boom Bears?

Rocket Taco Truck

The Dono-Van

Taco Savior