Mighty Party achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Win 1 battle in PvP

Mighty Start

Complete the tutorial

Journey begins!

Defeat first boss in Journey

So Epic!

Open epic chest


Invite 1 friend

Treasure Hunter

Open 50 chests

Let the Party starts!

Achieve 10 rank

One, Two, Three!

Complete Chapter 3 in Journey

Way to the Glory

Achieve 20 league


Win 1 battle in Survival

All Together

Invite 10 friends

What the Hell with Divine Arena?

Win 1 battle in Divine Arena

Wait for it...

Open legendary chest

For the Greater Good

Sacrifice units 1 time

Five Hundred More

Open 500 chests

Top Ten

Achieve 10 league

Step by Step

Achieve 50 rank

It costs its price

Reborn units 1 time

Are We There Yet?

Achieve 5 league

I am Your Father

Win 500 battles in PvP with All-Father

You will not regret

Sacrifice units 100 times

Chests Unlocker

Open 2500 chests

Party in Full Swing

Achieve 100 rank

Best of the Best

Achieve 1 league

Wrath of Mother Nature

Win 500 battles in PvP with Son of Woods

Necessary Measure

Reborn units 20 times

Mighty Treasure Hunter

Open 5000 chests

Trixy Tricks

Win 500 battles in PvP with Trixy


Achieve 200 rank