Clash of Puppets achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 60 unknown)

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A small step for a man...

Learn to jump

Box breaker (1)

Smash the first box


Repair the first lever

Silver bullet!

Kill the first werewolf

First blood!

Kill you first puppet

Hit Chainer (1)

Do a X5 combo hit

A taste for killing (1)

Kill 10 puppets

It could work!

Kill the first Frankenstein monster

Hit Chainer (2)

Do a X10 combo hit

Punishment from above (1)

Do a jump attack

Half puppet, double joy!

Cut in half your first puppet

Hearts collector (1)

Collect 10 health bonuses

Van Helsing!

Kill the first Vampire

Fragger (1)

Frag your first puppet

Fragger (2)

Frag 10 puppets

A taste for killing (2)

Kill 100 puppets

Box breaker (2)

Smash 50 objects

Cut in half (1)

Cut in half 10 puppets

Whirlwind (1)

Do a X20 combo hit

Loser (1)

Die twice

Punishment from above (2)

Do 50 jump attacks

The curse of Egypt!

Kill the first Mummy

Whirlwind (2)

Do a X30 combo hit

Mechanical Mind

Repair 10 levers

Puppet Killer!

Kill 500 puppets


Make 500 jumps

Loser (2)

Die 10 times

Falling down...(1)

Fall into a hole

It came from outer space!

Defeat the first alien

Be water, my friend!

Kill the first Shaolin Monk


Kill the first Samurai


Do a X40 combo hit

Shadow warrior!

Kill the first Ninja

Falling down...(2)

Fall into 10 holes

Hearts collector (2)

Collect 50 health bonuses

Cut in half (2)

Cut in half 300 puppets


Make 1000 jumps

Fragger (3)

Frag 300 puppets

Master Killer!

Kill 1000 puppets

Demons hunter!

Kill the first Oni Demon

White hand!

Kill the first Ogre

Forest ranger!

Kill the first Elf

Golden fear!

Gain a gold medal for all the Transylvania levels


Kill the first Wizard

Box breaker (3)

Smash 500 objects


Repair 30 levers

Falling down...(3)

Fall into 50 holes

Dragon slayer!

Kill the first Dragon

Punishment from above (3)

Do 500 jump attacks

Transylvania badass!

Win all the Transylvania levels with HARD difficulty

Golden master!

Gain a gold medal for all the Far East levels

Loser (3)

Die 50 times

Klatoo verata...nikto!

Defeat 5 aliens

Master Fragger!

Frag 1000 puppets

Golden Hero!

Gain a gold medal for all the fantasy levels

Puppet Cutter!

Cut in half 1000 puppets

Kung fu master!

Win all the Far East levels with HARD difficulty

Master of the Universe!

Defeat 15 aliens


Win all the fantasy levels with HARD difficulty

Hearts collector (3)

Collect 200 health bonuses