Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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Cut to the Chase

Unlock Ninja outfit (collected 100 block bits in a single life)

High as a Kite

Unlocked Jetpack (collected 3 jewels in a single life)

Two to Tango

Unlocked Duel Wield outfit (Collected 6 jewels in a single life)

No Trouble

Got to power level 4 in Troublesome Tech

A New Challenger

Unlocked Fighter outfit (Collected 3 stars in a single life)

Senior Driller

Completed the drill challenge

Retro Renegade

Got to power level 4 in Retro Relic

Rockets Speak Louder than Words

Unlocked Rocket Launcher (Collected 500 block bits in a single life)

Wood Warrior

Got to power level 4 in War of the Woods

Lookin' Sharp

Completed the spikes challenge

Jewel Thief

100 Jewels Collected

Gimme A Break

Survive 10 minutes in a single life

Going Up

Completed the Tower Up challenge

Ice Cold

Got to power level 4 in Icy Island

Gettin' Down

Completed the Tower Down challenge

Punk Spelunker

Got to power level 4 in Cookin' Caves

Cutting Edge

Completed the chainsaw challenge

Loose Cannon

Completed the TNT challenge

Cannon Fodder

Completed the cannon challenge

Mansion Maniac

Got to power level 4 in Mansion Mania

Dyno Might

Completed the TNT II challenge

Instant Glassic

Completed the Glass Splitters challenge

Say That to My Mace

Completed the flail challenge


Completed the fireball challenge

Ice to See You

Completed the icicles challenge

Dark Horse

Dark Lord of All

Pedal to the Metal

Unlocked Cyborg outfit (Collected 10 stars in one life)

Epic Flail

Completed the flail II challenge


Completed the firespinner challenge

Big Ballin'

Completed the fireball II challenge

Cannon Farther

Completed the cannon II challenge

Hit and Missile

Completed the homing missle challenge

The End...?

100 percent complete

Factory Hero

Over My Dead Bodies

Die 1000 times

Forest Hero

Ruins Hero

Rock Hero

Castle Hero

Ice Hero

Gltich Hero

Moon Hero

The End.