In Space We Brawl achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Welcome to space academy

Unlock the 5th challenge

Train hard or go home

Unlock the 10th challenge

Only the elite allowed

Unlock the 15th challenge

The 21 space trials

Unlock the 21th challenge

Can't touch me

Today I'll kill you with...

Complete all weapons challenges

Full hangar

Complete all spaceships challenges

Full fledged

Complete all the 21 challenges

Interstellar brawl

Instant death


Kill 50 players without using weapons

Taking you with me!

Elite pilot

Complete all the challenges with S rank

Mirror, mirror

Play 100 mirror matches

Here it comes!

Kill 250 players with the Quantic Slinger

Old School Principal

Swords in space

Kill 250 players with the Plasma Sword

Space Lone Wolf

Win 25 1 vs 3 matches


Kill 4,000 aliens

Widow maker

Rain of bullets

Fire 500,000 shots

Brawl Club

Complete 1000 fights