Knights of Pen and Paper 2: Free Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Roll 1 in any die roll.


Roll 20 in any die roll.

Bring It On

Win a boss fight.

Dress Up

Have a character fully equipped.

The Big Spender

Spend over 9000 gold.

Class: Ninja

Unlock the Ninja class.


Reach Level 10

Dungeon Delver

Clear all rooms in a dungeon.

Mad Scientist

Craft an item without a recipe.

Cosplay Is In My Veins

Create a female dwarf character.

I’m Just Looking

Fully investigate 5 areas.


Reach Level 20.


Assign 15 skills points in a single skill.

Crafting +1

Craft equipment with a +1 enchantment.

Crafting +2

Craft equipment with a +2 enchantment.


Find 10 unique items.

Class: Barbarian

Unlock the Barbarian class.

Crafting +3

Craft equipment with a +3 enchantment.

Many Talents

Assign 4 points in all four skills.

Crafting +5

Craft equipment with a +5 enchantment.

Hero’s Journey

Complete the main storyline.

The Explorer

Visit every location in the game.

Sudden Death

Inflict an enemy with all conditions.

Crafting +4

Craft equipment with a +4 enchantment.

Class: Monk

Unlock the Monk class.

Class: Knight

Unlock the Knight class.


Reach Level 30.

Feng Shui Master

Acquire 5 pieces of Game Room furniture.

Class: Warlock

Unlock the Warlock class.

Class: Druid

Unlock the Druid class.

Class: Psion

Unlock the Psion class.


Reach Level 40.

Virtual Reality

Beat the virtual out of reality.