Deep Space Dash achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Cruel World

Die once


Get 100 points

Treasure hunter

Get 1000 points


Get 10.000 points

I am low on fuel

get 10 fuel pickups

I can relax now

gwt 100 fuel pickups

I can run to the moon and back

get 1000 fuel pickups

I can't give up

Die 10 times

I have better luck collecting points now

Get 10 magnets

I need protection

Pick up 10 shield pickups

I feel safe

Pick up 100 shield pickups

You can't hurt me

Die 100 times

I am invincible

Pick up 1000 shield pick ups

I will never die

Die 1000 times

More more more, call me Mr. Magnetic

Get 100 magnets

I will attract whole universe

Get 1000 magnets