CarX Drift Racing Online achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Half a Step to Victory

Earn a silver cup in single-player


Earn a gold cup in single-player


Earn 25,000 drift points

On the Path to Glory

Earn 50,000 drift points

Master of Drift

Earn 75,000 drift points


Earn a bronze cup in single-player


Earn 100,000 drift points


Reach level 10


Drift 150 km

...Drifting? No, Never Heard of It

Drift 300 km

Stylish drift

Buy any body kit on 5 different cars


Earn a gold cup 50 times in single-player

On the Rise

Reach level 15

Awesome angle

Earn 200000 DP in the Awesome angle event


Drive 2500 kilometers


Drive 4000 kilometers

Transition Master

Earn 150000 DP in the Fast Transition event

Drawn-out Drift

Earn 500000 DP in the Drawn-out Drift event

Nothing Personal

Beat 5 friends in multiplayer races

Eat Dust Gringo

Win 25 multiplayer races

Entry Master

Earn 150000 DP in the Fast Entry event

Masterful Race

Earn 350000 DP in the Pure Drift event

Clipping Point Master

Earn 650000 DP in the Clipping Point event


Earn 500000 DP in the Backward event


Get a gold cup on each track in single-player

Clipping Zone Master

Earn 650000 DP in the Clipping Zone event

Did You See That?

Win 150 multiplayer races


Earn 500,000 Drift Points on a Voodoo

Зимний дрифт

Earn 1,000,000 Drift Points on Castle Road

And the weather is not an obstacle...

Win in 5 duels at Castle Road

No Limits

Reach level 25

Quantity and quality

Win in any 20 competition at Castle Road

Drift guardian

Earn 500,000 Drift Points on a Hornet GT

Wolf Amid Sheep

Win 1000 multiplayer races


Reach the maximum level in the game


Drive 1500 kilometers