Fatal Theory achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Batter Up!

Start Story Mode

The Impaler

Beat Vlad

Bitter Sweet

Beat Donatello

Beat the Devs

Beat Matt & Adam

Master Bat

Max level up Baseball Bat


Beat Giancarlo

Master Vlad

Max level up Vlad the Impaler

Joe Asshole

Beat Spectre

Horse Power

Beat Punchy Mech

In the Gutter

Beat Johnny

Super Beast

Beat Lilith

Umbrella Strike

Unlock Umbrella (not the cheat way)

Master Whip

Max level up Whip

Master Guantlets

Max level up Guantlets

Master Swords

Max level up Swords


Max level up Nick

Master Black Blade

Max level up Black Blade

Master Umbrella

Max level up Umbrella


999+ Hit Combo


300+ on Survival

The Hard Way

Beat Arcade