Jamsouls achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Colateral damage

Kill your self in a silly manner

I believe I can frag

You were really close to trigger your super attack !! But...

Rocket jump

Burn friends with a rocket jump, in the game, not in real life

It's not the size that matters !

Kill someone bigger than you

Next please !

Win the first Challenge match


Kill 3 players in one go with a sugar, they'll probably hate you after that

Silver surfer

Kill 3 players in arena mode without touching the floor ! That will look pretty cool

I shot the sheriiiiiif

Kill 3 players in arena mode with one soldier

Mr Robot !

Win a game with 4 other human players playing with the keyboard

Snoop Froggy Frog

Kill frogs with a certain style


Kill 3 players in arena mode with one bomb

Fly point

Score a point with the fly in Capture the flag

It's party time !

Finally you invited some friends to play this game !

Four horsemen of the apocalypse

Kill the first 4 bosses

Who's the boss ?

Get your first gold medal !

Capitain tsubasa

Win a foot match with a gap of 5 points

Magic Jamsson

Win a basketball match with a gap of 5 points

Hola luchador !

Kill 3 players in arena mode with one cactus

You found it !

Find out how to play with the hope in multiplayer

Bronze saint

Get all the bronze medals, I'm sure you can do better

Spicky !

Kill 10 times in a single game with the spike trap !


Get all the double bronze medals

Silver saint

Get all the silver medals, not too bad :)

Gold saint

Get all the gold medals, ok now I'm impressed !

Double dragon

Get all the double gold medals

Dream team

Get all the double silver medals