Dead Man's Draw achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Prime Target

Use a Cannon to discard a lone 7 if any suit


Use a Sword to steal a Cannon


Win by more than 35 points in a standard rule game

Searching for Booty

Use a Map to complete a Key/Chest combination

Avast Ye!

Play 3 cards in a row without drawing from the deck

An Adventure Begins

Unlock all the card abilities


Take the lead on the last turn of a game


Use the Key/Chest combo to double 7 or more cards

On A Roll

Win 5 games in a row

Good Fortune

Increase your score by 40 points in a single turn


Get a 3-star rating on a tournament

Walk the Plank

Collect 9 cards from the river in a single turn


Win 10 games in a row

Armed to the Teeth

Play 50 games with a Trait enabled


End a game with the highest card in every suit


Win 100 games

Dread Pirate

Reach Level 34


Get a 3-star rating on 10 tournaments


Get at least 1 star on all tournaments


Get a 3-star rating on 50 tournaments