Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Successfully complete chapter one.

World's Best Dad

Get good Amanda ending.

Bad Dad

Slept with Robert on the first night.

Knife Dad

Go on all Robert dates.

Keg-Stand Champion

Go on all Craig dates.

Interview With the Vampire

Go on all Damien dates.

Margarita Zone

Go on all Joseph dates.

King of Carrot Flowers

Go on all Mat dates.

Let Amanda Say [CENSORED]


Go on all Hugo dates.

Soft Boy

Go on all Brian dates.

Dreamiest Daddy

Go on every date with every dad.


World's Okayest Dad

Get bad Amanda ending.

Panic! at the Disco

Save Ferris

Catch of the day

Earn a match fishing score of 2000

Yo Ho Ho Ho

Earn 18 hole-in-ones at pirate mini golf.

Escape from Margarita Zone