The Witcher Adventure Game achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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Prince of darkness

Place 13 FF tokens in total on other players hero sheets in all games

We're just getting started!

Score 50 VP in a single game

First one there wins a horse!

Score 100 VP in a single game

Where am I going to put all this?

Collect 100 gold in all games

Wanna fight?

Collect 100 red leads in all games

Shut up and take my money!

Lose 100 gold coins in all games

Budding emissary

Collect 100 purple leads in all games


Collect 100 blue leads in all games

A true Veteran

Score 500 VP in all games


Receive 100 wounds in all games

You had my curiosity - now you've got my attention

Score 150 VP in a single game

Shani would be impressed

Heal 100 wounds in all games

Luck never made a man wise

Remove 100 foul fate tokens from a hero sheet in all games

King of the hill

Score 1000 VP in all games

Don't let them bring you down

Lose 100 VP in all games

The next best thing

Complete 100 side quests in all games

Don't walk away

Become delyed 50 times

Local Champion

Win 10 offline games

Simply the best

Score 2000 VP in all games

Welcome to Vivaldi Bank!

Collect 500 gold in all games

Veteran Diplomat

Collect 500 purple leads in all games

Not in my house!

Win 20 offline games

Trust me - you don't want to fight me

Collect 500 red leads in all games

Nenneke would be proud

Heal 100 severe wounds in all games

Oxenfurt lecturer

Collect 500 blue leads in all games


Complete 100 quests in all games

BDSM aficionado

Receive 100 severe wounds in all games

Helping Hand

Complete 100 support quests in all games

Bright Glow Flickering over the Tombstones of My Enemies

Win 10 online games

Vivaldi's best client

Collect 1000 gold in all games

Advisor to Kings

Collect 1000 purple leads in all games

Warned you!

Collect 1000 red leads in all games

Die die my darling

Flip 100 wounds to their severe side in all games

Fount of knowledge

Collect 1000 blue leads in all games

Master of my domain

Win 50 offline games

Harsh Light Inundanting the Coffins of My Enemies

Win 20 online games

White Flame Dancing on the Graves of My Enemies

Win 50 online games