Luxor Evolved achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Bronze Medal

25 shot streak

Pharaoh's Apprentice

Survive Pharaoh's Challenge I

The Force

Unlock The Force of Sekhmet

Lucky Shot

Defeat 1st Boss


Unlock a Secret Level

Showing Promise

Complete a level without losing a life

Silver Medal

50 shot streak

Toxic Touch

Poison 21 balls in 3 consecutive shots


Earn 100% Accuracy on a Level

The Incarnation

Unlock The Incarnation of Horus


Create a 7x Chain Reaction

The Aspect

Unlock The Aspect of Ra

Boss Boss

Defeat all 8 Bosses

Trick Shot

Shatter a frozen segment & make a match with one shot

Give Me 20

Create 20 consecutive matches

Gold Medal

75 shot streak

Manic Matcher

Achieve 5 Consecutive Quick Matches

Pharaoh's Champion

Survive all 8 Pharaoh's Challenges


Beat the game on Normal

Full Carton

Unlock all 9 Secret Levels

Ice Trick

Destroy two frozen segements with one shot

Fire Master

Fully Upgrade Fireball


Earn an 8x Multiplier

Boss Bully

Defeat a Boss without it attacking you

Eternal Champion

Beat the game on Hard

Lightning Master

Fully Upgrade Lightning Bolt

Bonus Bit

Perfect on all 8 Bonus Levels

Tough Luck

Lose 1st Boss battle (Run out of lives)

Ice Master

Fully Upgrade Freeze Ball


Destroy 75 balls with one Laser shot

Infinite Eternal Champion

Beat the game on Elite

Elemental Master

Fully upgrade all Fire, Lightning, and Freeze Powerups

Full Power

Unlock all powerups/upgrades