ConflictCraft achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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First Blood

Destroy your first enemy


Capture 10 enemy bases

Knowledge of War

Complete all tutorials

Field Commander

Send tanks 100 times

Paratrooper Support

Send support 10 times

Strategic Thinking

Send units from 3 different places at the same time

Tank Destroyer

Kill 100 enemy tanks

Intelligence Data

Destroy 10 targets with jets

Big Red Button

Launch nuclear missile

Military Grade

Upgrade tanks to maximum level

Achievement Hunter

Unlock 10 achievements

Death From The Sky

Kill 100 enemies with attack helicopters


Destroy 5 targets with nuclear missiles


Win 10 times

Air Support

Send drop helicopters 100 times


Destroy 100 enemies with drop helicopters

Purposeful Soldier

Unlock 10 levels

Quick Response

Complete a level in 1 minute

Tempered In Battle

Send tanks 500 times

One More Time

Press replay 10 times

Medal of Honor

Complete all levels

Air Attack

Send attack helicopters 100 times


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Master Sergeant Super Sergeant Shooter Person

Kill 500 enemy tanks


Choose your flag

Top Gun

Bomb 50 enemies using jets


Win 20 times

Battle Expert

Win 30 times

Map Editor

Open editor and edit a map

More And More

Press replay 50 times

Maybe Next Time

Lose 10 times


Lose 50 times

Face to Face

Win 2 players coop

Friendly Person

Play 3 multiplayer levels

Hundred Percent

Unlock all achievements


Win 4 players coop