Elliot Quest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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A Lost Friend 1

Find the Moonman


Collect the Golden Shield

It's Shoveling Time

Collect the Shovel

The Artifactor

Find a special statue

A Lost Friend 3

Find Cloaked from Cloaks and Spells

Seeking Guidance

Find the Forest Maze area's map


Find all three Yellow Mushrooms


Find Rasa's home

Graveyard Rescue

Rescue Terry

Ultimate Collector

Obtain all Crystals

A Lost Friend 2

Find the Potato Man

The Ancients 3

Defeat the Worm Ancient Boss

The Survivor

Get the Bad Ending

The Ancients 1

Defeat the Colossus Ancient Boss

The Ancients 2

Defeat the Rhino Ancient Boss

The Ancients 4

Defeat the Bouncing Totem Ancient Boss

Battleground Champion

Defeat Tema

Unlock New Game Plus

Unlock New Game Plus

The Evil Mage

Get past level 20 at the Colosseum Battle Ground

Art Collector

Collect all the hidden paintings

The Hero

Get the Good Ending

The Demon

Get the Neutral Ending