Blackguards achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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The Breakout

Tutorial finished

Double 20

Hurt one of your heroes

Servant of Xarfai

Deal 5.000 damage during all battles with all characters

Beyond the Border

Finished Chapter 1

Curiosity 10

Use 50 interactive objects


Finished Chapter 2

Moha Mule

Carry 100 Greatpounds of inventory with you

Phex's Favourite

Earn 1000 gold pieces

Master of Arms

One of your characters has a weapon talent score of 18

Oblivious 10

Start a battle without ammunition for your bows and crossbows


One of your characters has a score of 18 in one spell

Master of the Arcane

Learned all spells available for player characters in the game


One of your characters has a talent with a score of 18 or higher

Among Sharks

Finished Chapter 3

Rohal's Heir

One of your characters has a score of 10 in all spells

Model Student

Met all Trainers

I Hate Lice!

Kill 20 insects with fire damage

No more Lies!

Finished Chapter 4


Deal 5.000 damage using spells

Arena Grandmaster

Finished all arena fights in Mengbilla

Hunter and Gatherer

All characters wear a complete set of gear

Warm and Cosy

Sleep at the Inn 50 times

Master of Improvisation

Defeat 50 opponents with interactive objects

Demi God

One of your characters has 21000 Adventure Points


Finished Chapter 5

Disciple of Peraine

5.000 Vitality Points healed during all battles, with all characters


Ask for the healer's services 50 times


One of your characters has a score of 15 or higher in all attributes

Spray and Pray

All heroes of the party have a ranged combat skill of 10 or higher

Jack of All Trades

One of your characters has a score of 10 or higher in all talents

Three times the Fun

Swap through all three weapon sets in one battle with one character

Master of All Arms

One of your characters has a weapon talent score of 10 in all weapon talents

From Mengbilla With Love

Buy 25 flasks of weapon poison

Top of the Food Chain

One of your characters has an attribut score of 20

I am Leonardo

Walk an ideal circle with one character during combat by orbiting 7 hexes

A true son of Al'Anfa

Took all bribe opportunities with Zurbaran

Free Fall

Knock 10 enemies off ledges

Iron Bladder

Drink 4 potions with one character during one battle

Hand of Boron

Use 4 poisons with one character during one battle

A True Stoerrebrand

Visit every vendor

Cheated Golgari

Win a battle with one hero standing and a maximum of 5 Vitality Points


Visit every location

Red Salamander

Buy alchemical supplies 50 times

Burn the Witch

Aurelia turned against you

Friends for Eternity

Aurelia chose you