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No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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I see you used the pc… HOW!

OK… WHAT THE! Who logged on to my pc. Who’s hacking it now!

Shopping is cool!

SHOPPING! There has never been a task that holds so much weight on your life! Depending on the situation that is. Hey you want to live… go to the shops.

Robot's that talk?

That engineering is amazing. To think it’s an audio animatronic… so it's controlled by audio. Crazy hey! Aaron Fechter you’re a genius.

Power of Talk

OOOOHHH! Stuff talking, it’s not rad, it’s just repetitive. You’re being judged the entire time! Stupid! We will never see eye to eye… for mine are looking away.

Well... Crap! Never ever steal stuff.

“I declare this a federal issue” He said, SORRY didn’t mean to do that. I already know shoplifting is bad… Sort of. Is salvaging computer parts shoplifting? Who knows? Maybe…


Games, games, GAMES! Yes I do love my games, it’s a nice distraction from the madness of the world. In the video game realm, I’m GOD! Nothing happens without my command. So much simpler than life.

Always a new day!

New day... new start to life! Or I wish that was the case.

20 kills Shoot Man....

20! That's amazing.

Interfering signals

Sounds of the force of singles. Sometimes when I come up here I hear that sound. I always ask the same questions, what is it? Where is it? And where does it go? Maybe some questions can never be answered.

O YO,BULLIES! It's the gang on the loose!


The ending to a story with a tomorrow


200 kills Shoot Man....

Flipping hell 200!

Friends follow you to the end

Only once before in my life has someone like her been in it ... but when?

The ending to a story with a great tomorrow


Never let him fall.

Wow... How did i do that... was it real? Must be! Was happy to help sam!

1000 kills Shoot Man....

1,000! Was there a glitch or something.

The ending to a story with a better tomorrow


The ending to a story with some tomorrow


The ending to a story with no tomorrow


Give me a pizza hand

Why are you being so kind to me... thank you

Let him fall


The ending to a story with the best tomorrow

...........Canon End...........

Someday i'll get it done...

One day I did!