King Arthur's Gold achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 64 unknown)

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Brave new world

Join multiplayer


Win a match

You can talk!

Use chat

Braver newer world

Join a modded server

Roger the Shrubber

Design and arrange a shrub

Just a flesh wound

Get killed with a sword 20 times

WHAT... is your favourite colour?

Switch teams

Goodbye, cruel world

Commit suicide

See you in hell

Get a kill on an enemy while dead



Power Napper

Take a nap in a quarters

Flower Power

Eat a flower


Win 10 matches


Defuse a mine


Get 50 kills

Arrow to the knee

Get killed with an arrow 20 times

For King and Bounty!



Kill someone using a fire arrow

Jack of all trades

Get a kill with each class in the same round

Mind over matter

Get a kill while on fire


Make love, not war

White knight

Save the Princess


Use fire ammo 20 times

Man the oars!

Man them!

Black knight

Hit and run

Run over an enemy with a vehicle

What's yours is Mine

Steal an enemy's mine

Last man standing

Remain the last player alive in a TDM match

Running Man

Cap 5 flags

Suicide Bomber

Blow yourself up as well as the enemy using a bomb

Om nom nom

Heal an ally with a burger


Use water arrows 20 times


Carry all 4 kinds of arrows


Get 500 kills

Human resources

Get killed with a pickaxe 20 times


Win 100 matches

Hot potato

Get a bomb kill as an archer or builder

Out of ammo?

Launch another player from a catapult 20 times

Frequent Flyer

Get launched from a catapult 20 times


Return your team's flag 5 times

One man army

Kill whole enemy team in TDM (at least 3 players)


Kill the enemy flag carrier 10 times

Professional Driver

Ride in every vehicle

Animal warfare

Use all animals in game


Take 10 halls


Capture 5 warboats

No Challenge At All

Complete 10 Challenge mode maps

Shark Whisperer

Kill an enemy with a tamed shark

Goomba hater

Get 50 stomp kills

Drill Bill

Get 5 kills with the drill

Royal Cook

Carry 4 burgers in your backpack at a time


Cap 20 flags

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

Kill 3 people with 1 bomb

An African or European chicken?

Test the air-speed velocity of a laden chicken


Ride your tamed bison


Kill a player with a boulder 5 times


Get 5000 kills

The Captain

Go down with a sinking warboat


Return your team's flag 20 times


Take 40 halls

Sunny with a chance of SHARK!

Catapult a shark

Rock & roll

Get a kill by launching a boulder from a catapult

Mass Extinction