Beyond Despair achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Heartless gravitation

Expirience gravitation anomaly

Errand boy

Finish a generated mission

This is MADNESS!

Kill a Madman

Relax, take a break

Lower the level of stress using sedatives.

Not for kids

Meet Lily

Who's a good boy?

Make the Dorg play dead

Usefull recreation

Read a note or listen to a audio diary

2k17 volts

Experiment with Static field

Alternative time lines

One fast beast

Kill a Gorlan

Home, sweet home

Visit an Oasis

Look, Dad, I've made it myself!

Craft your first item

Biology class

Kill a Quaker

Exploration 101

Finish briefing

Blood pressure

Feel the blood fog

A bird, a plane, a lucky man

Can we use it as oven?

Warm up in Inferno

Miss Ansora 2017

Kill a churaka

Hunter was hunted

Kill a hunter

Painful blindness

Meet the blind man

A cat became a tiger

Kill a sapsy


Get to level 5

Your lucky day

Find your first hidden stash

The fall of Goliath

Kill a grutch

Through space-time continuum

Enter a black hole

Why did I sign up for this?

Love beats madness

Discover the whole story of Anna Silis

Only in case of extreme emergency...

Cook human flesh and eat it

True gourmet

Try all 10 crafted types of food


Try all 10 crafted types of drinks

Stash raider

Find 10 stashes

Where is my hat and whip?

Find all stashes