Odallus: The Dark Call achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Town of Glenfinnan

Beat the “Town” level.

Dark Forest Area-1

Beat the “Dark Forest” level.

Aqueducts Area-1

Beat the “Aqueducts” level.

Long Hunt

Play a game session for 2 hours.

Dark Forest Area-2

Beat the “Dark Forest Area 2” level.

Devil’s Peak

Beat the “Devil’s Peak” level.

Tough Boy!

Found the Combat Armor.

One does not simply...

Reach the final level blocked path.

Relic Hunter

Obtained all relics.

Underground Temple

Beat the “Underground Temple” level.

Steel Claymore

Found the Steel Claymore.


Opened all level paths.

Aqueducts Area-2

Beat the “Aqueducts Area 2” level.

Frozen Mines

Beat the “Frozen Mines” level.

Silver Claymore

Unforeseen Consequences

Ghost Knight

Pieces of Heart

Found all Heart Pieces.

Weapon Bags

Found all Weapon Bags.

"There can be only one!"

Completed the game.



Spend 6.000 total orbs on the merchant.


Obtained 10.000 orbs (total) in a single game.

I want to believe

The Final Dimension

Mortal Beheadings


Completed the game in less than 2 hours.


Beat the entire game only using Hunting Clothes.


Beat the entire game only using Haggis' Sword.