Furi achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Kill the Jailer

So Fresh

Grab 10 heal pickups during a fight

A Prison within a Prison

Let's Brawl

Hit a guardian 10 times with a melee attack in one fight without game over

Give It a Real Try

Rise from a K.O. 20 times

Light It Up

Turn your armor's light ON during a path

Perfect Parrier

Achieve 5 perfect parries during one fight against a guardian

Master of Time

Neon Swagger

Keep the armor glowing at maximum level for one full phase

Single Impact

Can You Feel It?

Don't Listen to Her

She's an 11


Defeat a guardian within 5 minutes

All That Nonsense

Amateur. Pushover.

Take It Back

Parry 20 bullets against a guardian in one fight without game over

Who Will Protect Them Next Time?

Jedi Master

Parry 20 consecutive hits against a guardian without getting hit

My Only Chance

Ping Pong

Parry the same bullet 3 times after it bounces back from The Hand's shield

Welcome Back, Rider

There Is Kindness in You

Lucky for You

What a Thrill

Get an A rank in Furi difficulty (story mode)


Break all of The Line's shields before hitting him

Faster than M

Beat Furi’s designer’s best speedrun time: 2:12:42

Faster than B

Beat Furi's combat designer’s best speedrun time: 1:29:56

Boost Master

Hit one guardian 10 times with a boost hit in one fight without game over

It Gives Me Hope

Get a S rank in Furi difficulty (story mode)


Defeat a guardian without taking any hits

Furier than Ever

Complete the game in Furier difficulty

That Was Intense

Get a S rank in Furier difficulty (story mode)