Evolve achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 55 unknown)

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Cardboard Tier

Complete the Monster's Tutorial


Achieve 95% or higher accuracy against predators in a match outside of the tutorials

Equal Opportunity Hunters

Win a match with half of the team as the opposite sex outside of the Tutorials

Basic Training

Complete the Hunter's Tutorial

Vegan Police

Win a match without damaging any wildlife (except in Arena Mode)

Instant Artist

Create a Badge in the Profile Badge creator


Win a match without using your Class Ability

Award Addiction

Obtain 25 unique Awards

Death to Tyranny

Rescue a teammate from a Tyrant outside of the Tutorials

Collect Them All!

Unlock All The Hunters And Monsters


Destroy 100 objects outside of the Tutorials

Four Horsemen

Win an Arena match as a Hunter

Left For Dead

Incapacitate a Hunter and leave them to bleed out outside of the Tutorials


Win a match in under 2:05 minutes (except in Arena Mode)

With Our Powers Combined

Win Evacuation as a Hunter

Taste of Shear

Kill one of each creature on Shear outside of the Tutorials

I Live…Redux

Incapacitate, hotswap, and revive yourself


Do damage to the Monster with every class in a match


Win a match as Monster without damaging Hunters until Stage 3 outside of Tutorials and Arena

Death From Above

Kill the Monster while in mid-air outside of the Tutorials


Win a round of Hunt while in a party of 4 players

Counter Strike

Attack a Hunter within 15 seconds of them deploying in Hunt outside of the Tutorials


Win an Arena match as a Monster


Win a match without losing any health as a Monster outside of the Tutorials


Kill the Monster without taking any damage outside of the Tutorials

If It Bleeds

Win 25 matches in Hunt

Helping Hand

Revive 25 incapacitated Hunters outside of the Tutorials

Lost My Leg In Nom

Get eaten by the Monster in Arena


Kill an entire Hunter team as a Stage 1 Monster

Beat Them All

Win a match in all online game modes

Bone Jockey

Win a match while having spent most of the time in the air outside of the Tutorials


Kill the Monster while incapacitated outside of the Tutorials


Sneak pounce the final living Hunter to end a match outside of the Tutorials

Natural Selection

Complete an entire Evacuation campaign without dying

Get Off My Planet

Win Evacuation as a Monster

Mud Monster

Win a match having spent most of your time in Sneak outside of the Tutorials

Got A Gold Star

Earn Gold in the Hunter Tutorial

Life Finds a Way

Stage up to Stage 3 in Arena

Evolution Mania!

Evolve to Stage 3 as a Monster 25 times outside of the Tutorials

Wildlife Genocidist

Kill 1,390 wildlife outside of the Tutorials

Mano A Monster

Kill a Stage 3 Monster while being the only Hunter alive outside of the Tutorials

The Hunter

Reach Elite status for a Hunter

Thank You

Watch the credits all the way through the end


Win 25 matches in Defend


Watch all Basic and Advanced Tutorial Videos

Teacher's Pet

Earn Gold in the Monster Tutorial

Likes to Watch

Spectate an entire match in Observer Mode

Apex Predator

Achieve rank 40

Masters of the Arena

Win 25 matches of Arena

Payback Time

Win 25 matches in Nest

The Monster

Reach Elite status for a Monster

We're Not Assassins

Win 25 matches in Rescue

Ninja Time!

Kill a Hunter without taking any damage outside of the Tutorials

Three of a Kind

Reach Elite status on all Monsters

12-Sided Die

Reach Elite status on all Hunters