Heroes of a Broken Land achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 82 unknown)

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Vermin Killer

You've destroyed many rats

Bat Basher

Bats have been bashed

Ghost Buster

Ghost Buster!

Skeleton Smasher

Smash them bones

Expert Vermin Killer

You're an expert at killing vermin

Slime Squasher

Slimes have been squashed

Zombie Purifier

Heroes 1, Zombies 0

Elemental Eliminator

Elementary Elemental elimination

Bear Bludgeoner

Bludeon those bears

Expert Ghost Buster

You're some kind of Ghost Smasher!

Expert Skeleton Smasher

Smash, Smash, Smash!

Expert Zombie Purifier

Seriously, who's making all these zombies?

Expert Bat Basher

Bats have been bashed expertly

Serpent Slayer

Slay those snakes!

Master Vermin Killer

You've mastered the art of killing vermin

Expert Slime Squasher

Many Slimes have been squashed

Monster Hunter

Hunt down wandering monsters

Expert Elemental Eliminator

Earned expertise eliminating Elementals

Team Player

Cleared a multy-party dungeon


Caves cleared

Master Ghost Buster

Who you gonna call? You!

Master Slime Squasher

Slimes fear your squishing powers now

Outpost Defender

Ally with an Outpost town

Expert Bear Bludgeoner

Aren't bears endangered?


Many Mines cleared

Master Elemental Eliminator

Mastered the elimination of Elementals

Master Zombie Purifier

Zombies are actually quite friendly, have you tried talking first?

Master Skeleton Smasher

Bones to Dust

Train a Bishop

Train a holy bishop

Master of Air

Conquer the Pillar of Air

Expert Monster Hunter

Hunt down lots of wandering monsters

Master of Earth

Conquer the Pillar of Earth

Master Bat Basher

So many Bats bashed. Poor Bats...

Train a Wizard

Train a master of magic

Expert Serpent Slayer

Snakes, why does it always have to be snakes!

Master of Fire

Conquer the Pillar of Fire

Master of Water

Conquer the Pillar of Water

Train an Adventurer

Train a jack-of-all-trades adventurer

Train a Knight

Train a protector of the weak

Train a Gladiator

Train the finest warrior

Train a Sorceror

Train a master of the elements


Many Dungeons cleared

Friend of the Fae

Ally with a Fae town

Lizard Lover

Ally with a Lizard town

Master Bear Bludgeoner

They're endangered now, good job.

Train a Monk

Train a dedicated monk

Expert Miner

Lots of Mines cleared

Tower Climber

Many Towers traversed

Maze Runner

Many Labyrinths cleared

Train an Assassin

Train an master of death and poison

Flame Extinguisher

Destroy the Lord of Fire

Airy Ambitions

Destroy the Lord of Air

Stone Breaker

Destroy the Lord of Earth

Artificer Ally

Ally with an Artificer town

Ice Melter

Destroy the Lord of Ice

Queen of the Slimes

Destroy the Queen Slime

Master Serpent Slayer

They're more afraid of you than you are of them.

Expert Spelunker

Lots of Caves cleared

Forged in Battle

Revealed and cleared the Forge

Crypt Keeper

Many Crypts cleared

Built to Order

Custom order heros

Heart of the Matter

Master Monster Hunter

Hunt down hordes of wandering monsters

Army Of One

Clear a dungeon solo

Expert Maze Runner

Lots of Labyrinths cleared


Master Miner

Master of Mining

Expert Dungoneer

Lots of Dungeons cleared

Small Victories

Recover the heart of a Small world

Size doesn't matter

Recover the heart of a Tiny world

Expert Tower Climber

Lots of Towers traversed

Rebuilding the World

Recover the heart of a Normal world

Expert Crypt Keeper

Lots of Crypts cleared

Master Maze Runner

Master of clearing Labyrinths

Lich Killer

Master Spelunker

Master at clearing Caves

Master Dungeoneer

Master at clearing Dungeons

Master Tower Climber

Master of traversing Towers

A Hero's Quest

Recover the heart of a Large world

Master Crypt Keeper

Master of clearing Crypts

Oh no you didn't

Recover the heart of a Enormous world


Recover the heart of a Huge world