1Heart achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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The Begining

Complete the tutorial

Tiny Detective

Make 200 mouse clicks

Other Side

Pass the river

Abandoned Place

Enter the church

Regular Gamer

Play 1Heart for one hour

Sharp Eye

Solve hidden object puzzle without hint

Ancient Ornament

Solve ancient ornament riddle


Destroy all possible crates

Priest's Door

Open door leading to the church basement

True Seeker

Find half of the hidden hearts


Listen to four hidden tracks


Make 2000 mouse clicks

The End

Complete the game


Find dissecting room in less then 2 hours


Play 1Heart for more then three hours

Great Musician

Listen to seven hidden tracks


Kill sheep

Brain Teaser

Get to basement without hints

Senior Detective

Make 5000 mouse clicks


Check "The Pirate Bay" site in computer console


Check all console commands

Bounty Hunter

Find all hidden hearts in the game