Arms Dealer achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Spent it all in one place

Win the story by obtaining a wealth and net worth of $2 billion.

Arms Dealer Graduate

Successfully complete the tutorial.

Know Your Friends

Spend $100 Million on Intel for a single country.

Top 10 Most Wanted Arms Dealers

Make it onto the list of the top 10 most wanted arms dealers.


Obtain a Bounty of $400 Million.

Know Your Enemies

Spend $1 Billion on Intel across all countries.

The Perfect War

Use Black Umbrella to start a perfect war.

The Pathfinder

Successfully beat the first set of travel challenges.

The Selection

Purchase 100 unique weapons in a single game.


Unblock 10 countries that have been blocked by the APA.

Peace is a Lie

Disband The Peace Keepers.

Friends in High Places

Bribe 100 Generals in a single game.

Most Wanted Arms Dealer

Reach first place in the top 10 most wanted list.

The Arms Dealer

Surpass first place in the top 10 most wanted list without them being caught.

Around The World

Travel to every country in a single game.

The Alliance

Alliance with all of the top 10 Arms Dealers.

The Map Master

Successfully complete a travel challenge of at least 100 countries difficulty.